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  • Top Sites

    As a data-driven company, we've become well-known for our Top Ranked Sites list, which by default, ranks top U.S. websites by monthly visitors. Switch countries to get a different perspective.

    For sites that use Quantcast Measure, you can click through for an in-depth view of their audience data and insights.

    Data Insights

    Audience data drives our storytelling as well. The posts below demonstrate what you can learn when you take a closer look at your audience.

    Harness the real-time pulse of the open Internet

    Since 2006, we’ve been building Q - the world’s largest AI-driven audience behavior platform for the open Internet that today directly quantifies over 100 million mobile and web destinations. Comprised of Internet-scale 1st party data, self-adapting predictive models and integrated AI optimization, Q’s collection of machine learning technologies continually interprets the consumer behavior graph giving brands a real-time pulse of the Internet.


    million mobile and web destinations use Quantcast to understand their audience

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    10 Yelp.com 70,313,504
    13 Buzzfeed.com 56,426,004
    18 Wikia.com 42,644,684
    24 Giphy.com 32,424,136
    25 Quizlet.com 31,588,318