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  • Start growing your revenue today.

    Deliver more value to your advertisers. Grow your revenue.

    Prove the value of your audience

    Identify unique audiences wherever they live on your network -- all the way down to the page, author or content they read.

    Tell better stories, faster

    Help your sales and support teams spend less time gathering data, and more time closing deals.

    Retain & scale revenue

    Show mid-flight traction and post-campaign success reaching advertisers’ target audience.

    Accurate real-time insights

    Unlike panel-based audience measurement solutions, we directly measure every visitor to your site, in real-time.

    Customize the Q for Publishers suite to meet your needs


    There are four applications within the Q for Publishers suite that can be customized based upon where the greatest need for your business is.

    Measure Profile
    Content Segments
    Audience Planner
    Campaign Reporting


    Dependent upon your business we can provide different levels of training and support.

    Onboarding & Training
    Office Hours
    Technical Support

    BuzzFeed leverages AI-driven insights to inform and shape their audience stories

    Sales and research teams at BuzzFeed use Q for Publisher to identify and measure success with an audience both pre- and post-campaign.

    Powered by Q

    As the real-time pulse of the Internet, Quantcast operates “Q” – the world’s largest AI-driven audience behavior platform directly quantifying over 100 million mobile and web destinations. Q powers our suite of applications that help either Publishers or Marketers address the growth challenges in their business.

    Q for Publisher applications

    Measure Profile
    Audience Grid data segment
    Political Affiliation

    Measure Profile

    Understand who your audience is, in greater detail. Get accurate breakouts of traffic, demographics and advanced data like interests, shopping habits, and brand preferences, customized to fit your business model.

    Content Segments

    Learn more about nearly any part of your overall audience. Get granular audience insights for specific sections of your site(s), authors, articles, or other custom segments.

    Audience Planner

    Build the exact personas that come across in RFPs. Generate detailed audience profiling reports in minutes that can be immediately shared with advertisers looking to reach a specific audience.

    Campaign Reporting

    Stay on top of key audience KPIs for mid-flight optimizations, or deliver value-add insights to advertisers that could lead to additional revenue opportunities or renewals.